CyberCamp Tirana Hackathon was organized on 24 and 25 May 2019 at Protik Innovation Center by CBTL (Center for Business Technology and Leadership), in cooperation with the State Police Directorate (Information Technology Directorate), at the Ministry of Internal Affairs supported by the “Community Policing in Albania” Program (SCPA) funded by the Swedish Government through the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

This hackathon was an excellent opportunity for topic insiders, encoders, business developers, and observers to join and to create solutions to the challenges that arised during the activity. The challenges were directly related to cyber crime and their management by experts, state police and specialized units. The theme of this hackathon was crime and cyber security, so the main challenges were on security, privacy, fraud and crime prevention. Hackers (participants) were divided into groups, interacting with each other and the network, learning new skills, presenting their solution and producing innovation with their solution.

The hackers mostly included university and high school students.
These individuals formed teams of 1-5 members and worked for 2 (two) days to solve the cyber crime challenges. The participants had to also challenge themselves, collaborate with their team members and demonstrate their knowledge on security and development skills. The best-timed team would win the race and the prizes were as follows.

The 1st price: 800 euro
The 2nd price: 400 euro
The 3rd price: 200 euro

Some of the topics during the hackathon were:

1. Information Security
2. Network Security,

3. Penetration Testing,
4. Software security,
5. Enforced user privacy;

The main working group consisted of:
The organizers group:
Eljana Mete – Project Leader
Endri Qenanaj – Project Coordinator

Technical group
Dritan Mezini – Project Manager
Rio Sherri – Security Expert
Edlira Mertiri – Trainer / Mentor
Ergest Nako – Trainer / Mentor
Igli Tafaj – Trainer / Mentor
Gentjana Mucaj – Trainer / Mentor

The 2-days event happened in the following hours:

24 of May: 15:00- 20:00
25 of May: 09:00 – 19:00

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