This bootcamp which happened on the 20,21 and 22 of May 2019 at Protik Innovation Center was a great opportunity for topic insiders, encoders, business developers and observers to join and learn more about some of the topics related to cyber crime and security. The participants (hackers) included mainly university and high school students (the last year mainly) but without excluding employees, entrepreneurs, designers, students or coders associated with this field, who could’ve applied through the Google Form of the project in order to be selected.

Some of the topics during the bootcamp were:
1. Identity Protection: Biometric Systems, Critical Infrastructures,
2. Network Security,
3. The full cycle of a cyber attach (Pre Attacking / Attacking / Post Attacking)

4. Software security,
5. New Technologies (Blockchain / AI / Machine Learning)
6. Users privacy and the big techs practices
7. Information Security
8. Web Application Security

The main working group consisted of:
The organizers group:
Eljana Mete – Project Leader
Endri Qenanaj – Project Coordinator

Technical group
Dritan Mezini – Project Manager
Rio Sherri – Security Expert
Edlira Mertiri – Trainer / Mentor
Ergest Nako – Trainer / Mentor
Igli Tafaj – Trainer / Mentor
Gentjana Mucaj – Trainer / Mentor

The events happened in the following hours each of the 3 (three) days:
Start time: 14:00

End Time: 19:30

At the end of the training, the participants were given certificates of attendance. For more information, visit our website and/or contact us at our e-mail address: [email protected] I just don`t see a need to not get your own publisher isbn prefix if you are self-publishing.

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